"Thor: Love and Thunder" (2022)- Movie Review

Writer/Director: Taika Waititi
Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman and Christian Bale

‘Thor-oughly Entertaining’

Wonder-Woman beauties rarely wield hammers belong bo-Thor-some superheroes wear Black-Panther armor. If foreb-Odin-g The-Dark-World majesty judge why son hammer stumbles, exhibiting Loki disapprovals women stating “she-does-not-belong-here-in-Asgard-anymore-than-goat-belongs-banquet-tables” unworthy king title. Off see wonderful Wizard-of-Oz, childhood lead cause refuse Wicked-Witch women applause. Raised without father, Thor scarcely followed Black-Panthers chanting “Wakanda-Forever!”. Sexism sparked early ages hitting Ragnarok bottoms siblings Hela bent Hulk rages. Thor idolized Goldeneye spies having No-Time-to-Die. Thor witness Quinn women forced hide Jokers. Thor impart wisdom from warriors with Braveheart. Unlike humane The-Avengers, Thor lacks Hawkeye Stark billionaires. Rising Rome-ages, Thor seldom witness women save Gladiators. While women assaulted Game-of-Thrones medieval-age, society progressed modern-age. Fairly, Marvel movies escapes realities Hogwarts institutions. Like Deadpool, Thor treating women ridicule. However, career resembles teacher Breaking-Bad battle Cancer. Taking blame Infinity-War, Thor’s fallen fame. At bottom pit, The-Dark-Knight cannot simply rise under Bane-ful enemies eyes. When Ms.-Marvel heroine wear bangle role model, Thor stumble. Debate Amazon-ian women inspire wonder dodging WWII bullets warfare deserve hammer. 

Now, bo-Thor-some demi-god returns proving removing Loki misogyny allowing Black-Widow beauties wield hammer prevents Infinity-War Taika Waititi’s “Thor: Love and Thunder”. Action-packed, empowering and hilarious, it proves audiences appetites seeing women superhero heights without Black-Widow bites. With sequel, Waititi reimagines Marvel’s misunderstood hero #MeToo era. Boasting Somewhere-Over-the-Rainbow visuals, Bond-able production-design and Wonder-ous performances, it’s spectacular sequel. Although “Thor: Love and Thunder’s” Thor-oughly entertaining, it isn’t flawless. It’s undermined Breaking-Bad Cancer subplot, culminates cliffhanger conclusion. Nonetheless, it provides Marvel-ous entertainment comic-book fans.

“Thor: Love and Thunder” follows bo-Thor-some hero back-into-action witnessing ex-girlfriend wielding hammer without hesitations. Chris Hemsworth personifies Thor Odinson, world-weary demi-god enjoying peaceful retirement. However, Thor’s retirement interrupted when ex-girlfriend Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) possesses hammer. Forced put jealousy aside, Thor collaborates alongside Jane stopping Butcher-ing god genocides. As Thor rekindles romance, Cancer puts danger.

Taika Waititi’s commonly gravitated hammers belonging bo-Thor-some heroes whose Hulk-ing tempers leave romance Ragnarok danger. Following worldwide acknowledgement “Thor: Ragnarok”, Waititi’s become exceptional comic-book filmmaker. “Thor: Ragnarok” showcased aptitudes bringing laughters God-of-Thunder suffering Hulk-ing tempers. With “Thor: Love and Thunder”, however, Waititi builds female-led blockbuster. It’s Waititi’s attempt allow Foster-care women weaponizing hammer ownerships bo-Thor-some superheroes, but accomplishes magnificently. Through extraordinary cinematography, Waititi visualize woman demi-god expedition battling Butcher-ing misogyny. If Alan Taylor’s “Thor: the Dark World” struck lightning-bolt thunder criticism drowning God-of-Thunder low-key gloomy colors, Waititi avoids dark colors palette. Evoking Victor Fleming’s “Wizard of Oz”, Waititi effectively combines colors black-and-white showcasing God-of-Thunder Somewhere-Over-the-Rainbow wonder. Recalling Dorothy’s journey travelling Yellow-Brick-Road from black-and-white tornados-struck Kansas City colorful Land of Oz, Jane Foster embarks journeys Cancer chemotherapy superhero glory. Alongside cinematographer Barry Idoine, Waititi successfully employ contrasting color-palette honoring Foster-ing beauties behind God-of-Thunder. Waititi provides feminism superheroes hammer boast positions-of-powers, craft big-screen.

If bo-Thor-some heroes’ feminist interpretations don’t attract attention, however, innumerable reasons watch “Thor: Love and Thunder”. If bo-Thor-ing downgrades franchise, women infrequently afforded independences. Throughout franchise, Jane Foster’s damsel-in-distress whose representing Thor’s love-interests. Case-in-exemplar: Kenneth Branagh’s “Thor” dehumanized Jane Foster woman whose needs restricted rescued superheroes with creed. Fortunately, however, “Thor: Love and Thunder” avoids sexism. Assisted Nigel Phelps, Waititi creates slow-motion actions female-gaze. For instance, slow-motion’s effectively utilized empowering women Lady-Thor introductions sequence. During awe-inspiring sequence, Thor’s shocked discovering ex-girlfriend possessing powers fighting creatures wielding hammer once belonged him. One marvels slow-motions action empowering feminist superheroes Bond-able styles celebrating Cary Fukunaga’s “No Time to Die”. Recalling retired James Bond’s surprise observing females rise action substituting positions 007 disguise, Thor’s shocked witness girlfriend mantles. When overused Black-Panther heroes’ superpowers, slow-motion becomes gimmick infrequently leaving audiences chanting “Wakanda-Forever!” (ex. Ryan Coogler’s “Black Panther”). Slow-motion’s suited historical dramas highlighting Roman gladiators overthrowing emperors (ex. Ridley Scott’s “Gladiator”). However, works tremendously. In genre Stark-ly self-centered billionaires Hulk-ing temperament observing Black-Widow beauties hyper-sexualized scantily-clad bodies over personalities through Hawkeyes (ex. Joss Whedon’s “The Avengers”), it symbolizes feminist representations.  Furthermore, Michael Giacchino’s music’s dazzling. Guns ‘N’ Roses soundtrack allows women shine without objectified Sweet-Child-O’-Mine. Through Bond-able productions-designs, Waititi recontextualizes Marvel’s superhero.

One Marvels magnificent performances.

Chris Hemsworth delivers greatest career performance Thor Odinson. Hemsworth attained acknowledgement playing bo-Thor-some demi-god seeking hammers mistreating women without considerate manners (ex. Kenneth Branagh’s “Thor”). With “Thor: Love and Thunder”, however, Hemsworth incorporates sympathies hero. Emulating Mel Gibson “Braveheart”, Hemsworth portrays Mel-odramatic warrior experiencing sudden changes hearts not breaking women apart. With riveting expressions, he captures bravery, courage and resentments superhero reconciling romantic affairs. It’s Thor-ough tribute Avenger.

Natalie Portman’s fantastic fierce feminist warrior inspires wonder women suggesting heroes come all-shapes-and-sizes disregarding genders. Evoking Gal Gadot Patty Jenkins’ “Wonder Woman”, Portman creates compelling heroine dodging bullet sexism prioritizing careers above romantic affairs. As Jane Foster, Portman succeeds bringing personality towards heroine body-language. Whether standing upright toe-to-toes alongside Thor or limping battlefield owing illness, Portman expertly uses demeanor over armors demonstrate Jane’s battle Cancer. It’s Wonder-ful performance celebrates disabled heroines.

Final standout’s Christian Bale. Mimicing Ralph Fiennes Harry Potter franchise, Bale imbues menace Voldemort-ifying villain.

Despite extraordinary performances, however, “Thor: Love and Thunder” can’t get Hooked-on-a-Feeling Avenge-ful team assisted Ms. Marvel prodigies embarking Suicide-Squad journey Deadpool time/money preventing Infinity-War tragedies without Breaking-Bad tragedies. Waititi’s decision incorporating serious Cancer diagnosis subplots into story’s clever and provocative, but deteriorates pacing. Cancer’s serious subject no laughing matter contradicting movie’s lighthearted tone. As David Ayer’s “Suicide Squad” suggested, Quinn-essential comic-book movies seldom hit stride inject Joker humor into subjects serious sides. Cancer’s topic appropriate dead-serious television “I-Am-the-Danger” Breaking-Bad meth-dealers (ex. AMC’s “Breaking Bad”). Furthermore, movie suffers cliffhanger conclusions. Whereas cliffhanger skyrocketed Russo Brothers’ “Avengers: Infinity War”, it prevents culminate movie satisfying conclusions. Cliffhangers appropriate miniseries televisions highlighting Marvel-ous superheroines employing magical-powered bangles (ex. “Ms. Marvel”). Consequently, blockbuster falters.

Conclusively, not everyone clamor Deadpool money watching beauties marvelling hammers depending whether Cancer survivor. Evoking Tim Miller’s “Deadpool”, sequel’s offbeat sense humor discussing Cancer won’t tickle everyone bones. Recalling Deadpool’s off-the-wall humor, Waititi discusses child abuse, misogyny and genocide. Hence, hammers won’t summon everyone.

Ultimately, “Thor: Love and Thunder” gladiator whose attires inspire hope Roman empires elicit thumbs-down Commodus emperors. Thor-oughly entertaining but convoluted sequel, it suggests bo-Thor-some hero hasn’t lost abilities gravitate thunder using hammer. If mischievous god follow greek mythology ‘burdened-with-glorious-purpose’ perpetuating low-key jealousies toward sibling Asgard monarchies whose lives cut tragically short Infinity-War catastrophes requested evaluate bo-Thor-some brother sexism tendencies despite sibling rivalries, they would recommend ‘you-must-be-truly-desperate-to-come-me-for-help’ persuade  God-of-Thunder hit Ragnarok bottom rewarding hammers Foster-ing girlfriends following Black-Panther African tribes rehearsing “Wakanda-Forever!” disregarding foreb-Odin-g The-Dark-World monarch inspired Zeus banning women kingdom states “she-does-not-belong-here-Asgard-anymore-than-goat-belong-banquet-table” whose sexism angers Black-Widow heroines demonstrating female Pepper-ing purpose extend beyond ‘potentially-expensive-sexual-harassment-lawsuits’ recommending Stark-ly self-centered billionaire experiencing Endgame despair manufacture Iron-Man warfare demonstrate Civil-War rivalries against Captain-America participating WWII army amid time-period Wonder-ful Amazonian women combat misogyny motivating Captain-Marvel heroines representing role models Ms.-Marvel teenagers attending same universities as s-Parker-ling heroes infrequently employing “great-power-with-great-responsibilities” abandoning Mary-Jane-lized girlfriends spider-webs neglecting foretunes-telling Doctor-Strange supreme-sorcerers boasting PhD neuroscience Deadpool commitment/resource assists bo-Thor-some demi-god listening Guns-‘N’-Roses symphonies developing friendships Guardians-of-the-Galaxy overcoming Infinity-War catastrophes infrequently circumvented caped-crusaders assuming responsible abandoning Quinn-tessential superheroines Clown-Prince-of-Crime enemy recount scars stories corruption-riddled cities show little society transformed following bo-Thor-some demi-god rejection lending hammer women combating Cancer-diagnosis disabilities.

3.5/5 stars


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