"Elvis" (2022)- Movie Review

Writer/Director: Baz Luhrmann
Starring: Austin Butler, Tom Hanks and Olivia DeJonge

                                                                                                    ‘Marv-Elvis-ous Biopic’

It’s intimidating step into Blue-Suede-Shoes musician barked Hound-Dog Suspicious-Minds racism views. If Gump veteran recall teach King dances with nostalgia parks benches Alabama requested evaluate why Elvis Presley songs faded modern-eras, life seldom “like-a-box-of-chocolates” musician endeavors “Run-Forrest-Run” xenophobia. Born deteriorated African-American 8-Mile neighborhood, Elvis experience grim childhood recalling Eminem rappers facing Slim-Shady success likelihood. Dreams become Tiny-Dancer high-schools (Biography.com, 2022) adolescent age set stage Elvis ascertain Rocketman prestige. Elvis driven Walk-the-Line poverty Ring-of-Fire towards Cash-able empire. Elvis evolved admire sightless African performer Ray sunshine church-goers preaching choirs. Elvis taken pride Malcolm-X African politician combat genocide. Nevertheless, African musicians rarely opening jazz bars Another-Day-of-Sun La-La-Land City-of-Stars. Serving U.S. war, Elvis harbor Saving-Private-Ryan prejudice foreign countries. Following Mozart, Elvis credited Amadeus-zing stardom manager play part. Cooking Meth-odical felonies, partnerships doomed Breaking-Bad. Fairly, rude condemning icon whose Bohemian-Rhapsody melodies inspire We-Are-the-Champions victory. Nobody goes Gaga over singer falls A-Star-is-Born fames. Like Citizen-Kane, Elvis’ descents reigns proven news Rosebud pains. Why “troubles-seemed-so-far-away” Yesterday here stay modern-day?

Rocketman symphonies biographies achieve filmmakers Walk-the-Line “is-this-the-real-life-or-fantasy” open The-Doors musicians represent Ray sunshine black communities captured Baz Luhrmann’s “Elvis”. Old-fashioned, nostalgic and sweeping, it demonstrates fans Can’t-Help-Falling-in-Love Elvis Presley’s Blue-Suede-Shoes untouched A-Little-Less-Conversation discrimination worldviews. With biography, Luhrmann commemorates musician forgotten public’s imagination. Boasting City-of-Stars production-design, Amadeus-zing storytelling and Cash-able performances, it’s brilliant biography. Although “Elvis” memorable, it isn’t flawless. It’s overlong, villainizing Rocketman managers. Nonetheless, it offers enjoyable entertainment The-King’s fans.

Amidst 1950’s Memphis, “Elvis” recounts King’s rags-to-riches story escaping poverty toward prosperity from manager’s perspective. Austin Butler personifies Elvis Presley, impoverished teenager seeking success competitive music industry. Following sealing recording deal manager Colonel Tom Parker (Tom Hanks), Elvis’ dreams materialize reality. However, affectionate partnership becomes nightmarish when Colonel capitalize Elvis’ earning. As Elvis loses control, Heartbreak-Hotel hurts soul.
Baz Luhrmann’s commonly gravitated towards star-crossed celebrities singing melodies doomed destinies Moulin-Rouge nightclubs parties. Following “Moulin Rouge” critical acknowledgement, Luhrmann’s transformed into magnificent musical filmmaker. Oscar-winning “Moulin Rouge” showcased aptitude capturing ill-fated celebrities confronting tragedies singing melodies. With “Elvis”, however, Luhrmann creates musical biopic. It’s Luhrmann’s endeavors dramatizing The-King’s life modern generations without Suspicious-Minds discrimination, but achieves expertly. Using eye-opening cinematography, Luhrmann recounts rockstar journey impoverishment towards prosperity. Evoking Bryan Singer’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”, Luhrmann effectively uses split-screen montages capture Elvis’ Queen-like connection fans. Recalling Freddie Mercury’s Under-Pressure searching Somebody-to-Love formulating We-Are-the-Champions symphonies, split-screens montages show Elvis’ presence. Along Mandy Walker, Luhrmann captures Elvis’ bonds. Luhrmann honors The-King persona, build big-screen.
If deceased rockstars doomed Heartbreak-Hotel tragedies don’t magnetize attention, however, innumerable reasons see “Elvis”. Luhrmann succeeds creating musical sequences acknowledging black communities’ City-of-Stars influence Elvis’ career trajectories. If John Carpenter’s “Elvis” completely ignored black community’s influences Elvis through Suspicious-Minds discrimination, Luhrmann praises musician’s African-American inspiration. Assisted production-designer Catherine Martin, Luhrmann effectively uses cross-cutting showcase black musician influences Elvis’ inspiration. Exemplars, cross-cutting expertly employed honor Elvis’ African-American root black jazzclub sequence. During awe-inspiring scene, Elvis overcomes segregation white musician African-American jazzclub. One acknowledges cross-cutting demonstrating Elvis’ affections towards black jazz music City-of-Stars style recall Damien Chazelle’s “La La Land”. Like Sebastian’s giddy joy express obsession jazz, Elvis recognizes African-Americans. Furthermore, Elliot Wheeler’s score memorable. Emulating Curtis Hanson’s “8 Mile”, Eminem’s R&B tune commemorate Elvis’ black roots. Through set-design, Luhrmann cherishes Blue-Suede-Shoes.
Another extraordinary “Elvis” aspect’s screenplay. Luhrmann’s screenwriting strength’s aptitudes telling celebrity’s story through unreliable narrator’s voice-over narrations. In Hollywood, musician biographies narrated from central musician’s perspectives following formulaic narrative structures. This commonly cultivates little surprises, deteriorating movie-going experience. Case-in-exemplar: Taylor Hackford’s “Ray” cast visionless black pianists represent Ray-of-sunshine African communities astray conventional storytelling way. Fortunately, though, “Elvis” avoid repeating conventions. Celebrating Milos Forman’s “Amadeus”, Luhrmann effectively employ Elvis’ domineering manager’s perspective celebrate celebrity. Recalling Antonio Salieri’s unreliable memories resenting Mozart’s rising recognition amid lifelong rivalries, Colonel Tom Parker recounts Elvis’ partnership through enlightening voice-over. Through narrating memories Colonel’s perspectives, Luhrmann paints comprehensive Elvis portrait. Unreliable narration’s strenous technique employ musical biopics. Voice-over narrations appears appropriate literature adaptations highlighting “Stupid-is-as-Stupid-Does” Gump veterans “Run-Forrest-Run” discrimination (ex. Robert Zemeckis’ “Forrest Gump”). Whereas reporter narrating memories Citizen-Kane millionaire entertained audiences 1940’s (Orson Welles’ “Citizen Kane”), modern audiences minimal patience voice-over technique. However, succeeds tremendously. Through well-researched screenplay, Luhrmann commemorate musician’s personality.
One “Can’t-Help-Falling-in-Love” performances.


Austin Butler delivers star-making performance Elvis Presley. Butler achieved stardom playing psychopathic teenagers brainwashed murder ill-f-Tate-d actress period pieces (ex. Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”). With “Elvis”, however, he embodies musician. It’s hard step into deceased musician’s Blue-Suede-Shoes. Emulating Joaquin Phoenix in James Mangold’s “Walk the Line”, Butler build artist Walk-the-Line Ring-of-Fire decline. With riveting stares, he signals The-King angst, delusion and pride. Not only Butler embody Elvis, but proves singer. It’s Oscar-worthy acting icon.

Tom Hanks’ terrific mischievous businessman masterminding Meth-odical stories dooming partnerships Breaking-Bad tragedies. Celebrating Bryan Cranston “Breaking Bad”, Hanks manufactures “I-Am-the-Danger” entrepreneur profiting partner’s earnings. As movie-star typecast honorable heroes, Hanks surprisingly succeeds devilish antagonist through voice-pitch. Whether silently consoling Elvis’ mother death or scream The-King perform despite nervous-breakdowns, Hanks demonstrates Colonel fraught partnership through vocalization. It’s phenomenal performance t-Hank-ful movie-star.

Finally, “Elvis” merits attentions pay tribute musicians Beatles-ed head whose “troubles-seemed-so-far-away” Yesterday. Celebrating Danny Boyle’s “Yesterday”, Luhrmann memorializes musician whose songs obsolete modern-day. Recalling Jack’s obsessions The Beatles melodies imagining universes don’t exist, Luhrmann discusses family, discrimination and hard-hitting consequences of plagiarism. Consequently, “Elvis” encourages everyone Come-Together Strawberry-Fields-Forever.

Despite broad-encompassing appeals, however, “Elvis” can’t orchestrate Rocketman symphonies skimming Bohemian-Rhapsody autobiographies published Malcolm-X politicians whose trajectories culminating A-Star-is-Born catastrophes. Owing ill-placed historical footage, sequences highlight Elvis’ reactions presidents assassinations less entertaining than musical career. Historical footage appears appropriate biographies black activism politicians (ex. Spike Lee’s “Malcolm X”) over musicians. Moreover, movie leaves music-manager All-Shook-Up. Luhrmann’s choice placing blame squarely Colonel’s shoulder Elvis’ declining fame bold and provocative, but doesn’t work. While Colonel Parker didn’t commonly treat Elvis considerately, disrespectful criticize dead figure. As Dexter Fletcher’s “Rocketman” proved, music-managers deserve acknowledgement elevating Tiny-Dancer musician towards Rocketman prosperity. Consequently, “Elvis” bitten Hound-Dog.

Nevertheless, fans of The-King will certainly appreciate “Elvis” and so will movie-goers seek heartbreaking entertainment. A Marv-Elvis-ous biopic, it suggests fans “Can’t-Help-Falling-in-Love” with King’s Blue-Suede-Shoes aren’t worn-out Suspicious-Minds views. If feasible imagining world years after death The-King Looking-for-Trouble circumvented become-so-lonely-he-could-die All-Shook-Up bitten Hound-Dog experience Heartbreaking-Hotel catastrophe caught-in-a-trap Suspicious-Minds police authorities Jailhouse-Rock incarceration, he would hope witnessing celebrities wearing Blue-Suede-Shoes demonstrating A-Little-Less-Conversation-a-little-more-action persuading prejudiced entrepreneur Don’t-Be-Cruel to Ma-Rainey’s-Black-Bottom jazz-bands neighborhood In-the-Ghetto Miles-Ahead era-period despite vision-impair black pianist open Dreamgirls bar Ray sunshine African communities hating Elvis due quote “only-thing-Negroes-can-do-for-me-buy-my-record-and-shine-my-shoes” demonstrating only Eminem rapper walk 8-Mile allowed steal music African musician Straight-Outta-Compton experiencing Get-Rich-or-Die-Tryin’ felonies struggle Get-On-Up Ring-of-Fire poverty Walk-the-Line Cashable entrepreneurs musical-industries domineered homophobic businessmen forbidding Tiny-Dancer opportunities transformations into Rocketman superstar following eye-witnessing rockstar as worldfamous as Queen whose Bohemian-Rhapsody symphony motivate LGBTQ communities experience Another-One-Bites-the-Dust AIDS catastrophes neglected funeral ceremonies Gaga-worthy musician experiencing Shallow I’m-Not-There PTSD breakdowns following husband’s suicides A-Star-is-Born complaining ‘trouble-seemed-so-far-away’ Yesterday plagiarizing symphony recorded bands against recommendations t-Hank-less managers devoid Love-&-Mercy infrequently permitting Jailhouse-Rock musician auditioning films without singing melodies La-La-Land owe achievements dance-move Gump entrepreneurs suffering “Stupid-is-as-Stupid-does” disabilities overlooked psychologists prescribing painkillers Bad performers whose Thriller symphonies encouraging Black-or-White relationships banned states segregated boundaries.

4/5 stars

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