"Bullet Train" (2022)- Movie Review

Director: David Leitch
Starring Brad Pitt, Aaron-Taylor Johnson and Joey King

‘Thrilling Train-Ride’

Asian-Americans seldom participate Fight-Club organizations Pitt-iful actors face Mr.-and-Mrs.-Smith marriage tensions. If Quentin war-leader evaluated Brad Pitt’s career, following dictators order Inglourious-Basterds anger. Xenophobia formed childhood seldom spend Seven-Years-in-Tibet Dalai Lama. Born Once-Upon-a-Time-in-Hollywood, witnessing st-Cliff stunt-doubles push Asian athletes set stage acting early age. Attitudes race affected chase dreams Ad-Astra space. Pitt despise Rusty teams lies capitalize Chinese atheletes Ocean’s-11 robberies. Actor seldom witnessed mobsters memorizing Pulp-Fiction chapters. Pitt idolized officers Die-Hard save day. Pitt despise Korean servant Parasite robbery. Being drop-out, actor scarcely studied gladiator des-Troy racism. Pitt admire Indiana-Jones raiders afraid snakes facing high stakes. Celeb ignored Bride mothers martial-arts skills Kill-Bill. Pitt idolized hero spy neighbors Rear-Window. While Hercule sleuths board Murder-on-the-Orient-Express, racism offend modern-age. Fair, shown Pitt-y charity stop World-War-Z. Pitt avoided bullet during time-period Asians restricted The-Matrix. Still, Mr.-and-Mrs.-Smith divorce tears (TheCut, 2022). Accusation child abuse Gone-Girl investigations hurt reputation. Race as intimidating as opening boxes Se7en killer. ‘Only-after-lose-everything-free-anything’ movie-star avoid Fight-Club discussion. Could actor at height fames circumvent blame Squid-Game?

Now, Pitt-iful movie-star returns demonstrating hasn’t lost entertainment-value breaking rule Fight-Club societies allowing Asian-Americans committing Ocean’s-11 robberies without hunted Inglorious-Basterds Nazis David Leitch’s “Bullet Train”. Action-packed, darkly comic and suspenseful, it proves Pitt-iful movie-star entertains doesn’t make movies profitable gain. With train-thriller, Leitch revives career movie-star past prime without Ocean’s-11 crimes. Boasting confined cinematography, exquisite production and strong performances, it’s thrilling train-ride. Although “Bullet Train’s” entertaining, it railway off-the-rails. It’s Pitt-ifully paced, suffering Se7en plot-twist conclusion. Nevertheless, it provides exhilarating entertainment targeted Brad Pitt fans.

Aboard Japanese bullet train, “Bullet Train” follows assassin’s expedition ascertain briefcase insane drug-dealers search profitable gains. Brad Pitt personifies Ladybug, down-on-luck assassin seeks retirements stressful profession. However, Ladybug’s dream escaping profession shattered tasked retrieve money bullet trains doomed destruction. Crossing paths seedy criminals, Ladybug obstructs train destructions. As Ladybug experiences pain, aspirations remain sane evacuating train become in vain.

David Leitch’s commonly gravitated towards weapons armed assassins Deadpool time/resources perpetrating John-Wick crimes. Following “John Wick’s” worldwide appreciations, Leitch’s become extraordinary filmmaker. “John Wick” provided glimpse vengeful hitman’s missions seeking retributions against gangsters puppy-killing destructions. With “Bullet Train”, however, Leitch creates train-ride. It’s Leitch’s attempt repair career Pitt-iful movie-star boarding Bullet-Train doomed tear pieces, but achieves deftly. Using spellbinding cinematography, Leitch visualizes Pitt-iful assassin’s mission prevent train mass destructions. Evoking Sidney Lumet’s “Murder on the Orient Express”, Leitch meticulously employs Japanese train confined location build Herculean tension. Recalling Hercule Poirot’s investigation harbor suspicions against passengers suspected committing Murder-on-the-Orient-Express trains destined destructions, Ladybug battles confined Bullet-Train. Confined spaces appear appropriate serious-minded sci-fi thrillers astronauts experiencing space expeditions (ex. James Gray’s “Ad Astra”). Whereas watching Hitchcockian detectives spying neighbors Rear-Window apartments thrilled 1950’s (ex. Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rear Window”), modern-day audiences bothered confinement locations. Nevertheless, technique succeeds. Alongside DP Jonathan Sela, Leitch amplifies tensions. Leitch visualizes locomotives, constructing theatrical viewing.

If Pitt-iful locomotives ascending bullet speeds misdeeds don’t attract attentions, however, numerous reasons see “Bullet Train”. Leitch succeeds constructing Marvel-ous slow-motion sequences commemorate Asian-Americans without Pitt-iful discriminations. If Brad Pitt’s perpretrating preposterous crimes without demonstrating imprisoned prison-times, rejecting minorities times spotlight action-scenes. Case-in-exemplifications: Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” demonstrated Pitt-iful movie-star single-handedly defeating martial-arts legends fight without spite. Fortunately, however, “Bullet Train” dodges bullets Asian-American discriminations. Exemplars, slow-motion’s effectively employed celebrating Chinese traditions battles sequence. During unforgettable scene, Ladybug narrowly rescued trains destructions assisted Asian-American passenger Elder. One acknowledges slow-motion actions demonstrating martial-arts traditions Quentin-ssential style reminiscent Quentin Tarantino’s “Kill Bill”. Recalling Bride’s mission learning martial-arts lessons Japanese instructor conquer assassins, Ladybug lessons Elder battling slow-motion action. Slow motion’s tricky technique movies. Following technique perfected Neo-n heroes dodging bullets alternate The-Matrix dimension (ex. The Wachowski’s “The Matrix”), slow-motion gimmicks overused modern blockbusters. Slow-motion’s appropriate historical dramas monarchies des-Troy-ing discriminations deteriorations (ex. Wolfgang Petersen’s “Troy”). Nevertheless, it succeed. For Pitt-iful actor overusing slow-motion zombies invasion infrequently prevented U.N. organizations (ex. Marc Foster’s “World War Z”), it symbolizes representation. Furthermore, Dominic Lewis’ score memorable. Recalling Steven Soderberg’s “Ocean’s 11”, soundtrack demonstrates heightened thrills robbing casinos. Through productions-design, Leitch commemorates Asian-Americans.

One appreciates astonishing performances.

Brad Pitt delivers one of greatest performances as Ladybug. Pitt achieved stardom playing insane patients born Twelve-Monkeys brains serious sci-fi thrillers (ex. Terry Gilliam’s “12 Monkeys”). With “Bullet Train”, however, he boards comical role. Emulating Harrison Ford in Steven Spielberg’s “Indiana Jones” series, Pitt constructs whip-smart action hero bonds Short Round Chinese embarking Raiders-of-the-Lost-Ark expeditions. With mesmerizing expressions, he conveys angst, desperation and recklessness hitman seeks evacuate doomed train. It’s fantastic performance from Hollywood’s greatest movie-star.

Supporting cast’s stellar, builds strong bonds. Andrew Koji’s astonishing low-class Asian father planning dupe mastermind rich employers treat him Parasite disease. Aaron-Taylor Johnson and Brian Tyree Henry are fantastic as pair gangsters memorizing bible chapter before Pulp-Fiction diners murders. Concluding standout’s Joey King. Masterminding Gone-Girl investigations, she’s menacing.

Despite fantastic acting, however, “Bullet Train” can’t achieve speeds con-artists Snatch Ocean’s-11 robberies form top-secret Fight-Club societies without murdered Inglourious-Basterds Nazis tailgated police authorities investigating Se7en psychopath killing sprees. Leitch’s decision employ flashbacks explaining character backstories bold and innovative, but affects pacing. Owing misjudged technique, sequence explaining train passengers’ backstories aren’t as entertaining as Ladybug’s expedition. Expository flashbacks appear suited WWII historical dramas (ex. Quentin Tarantino’s “Inglourious Basterds”). Moreover, movie suffers convoluted conclusions. Following building tensions aboard trains two hours, Leitch concludes movie plot-twist. It’s head-scratching finale lacks satisfying resolutions. Plot twists appear appropriate literary adaptations narrator form Fight-Club association cope mental deterioration (ex. David Fincher’s “Fight Club”). Whereas plot-twist ending enhanced David Fincher’s “Se7en”, it contradicts movie’s lighthearted moods. Therefore, “Bullet Train” isn’t bullet-proof.

Conclusively, not everyone aboard “Bullet Train” depend whether believe TV’s claims only way Asians achieve fame fight Squid-Game. Evoking Netflix’s “Squid Game”, movie makes false claims about China as country where citizens destinies Squid-Game. Letich discusses capitalism, poverty and racism. Consequently, “Bullet Train” doesn’t provide smooth train-rides.

Ultimately, “Bullet Train” Orient-Express train endures Ratchett destruction facing Hercule detective murder investigations. Exhilarating but not bullet-proof, it suggests Pitt-iful movie-star entertains moving speed Bullet-Train when doesn’t force Asian-American pain. If soap salesmen skilled market Fight-Club society desperate men whose philosophies “it’s-only-after-you’ve-lost-everything-free-do-anything” inspire insomniac narrator suffering split personalities disorders requested evaluating Brad Pitt’s bur-Durden-some career downfalls trajectories, their recommendations ‘this-your-life-and-it’s-ending-one-moment-at-time’ sparking conversation Asian-American discrimination permeates Quentin-ssential filmmaking industry following ill-f-Tate-d martial-arts celebrities denouncements Once-Upon-a-Time-in-Hollywood despite out-Landa-ish Inglourious-Basterds organizations accomplishing “doing-one-thing-and-one-thing-only-killing-Nazis” demonstrating celebrity express minimal em-Pitt-y whose eye Burn-After-Reading 12-Years-a-Slave book Allied war soldier Fury foreigner born Babel countries weaponizing War-Machine technologies infrequently bonding Dalai Lama monasteries Seven-Years-in-Tibet commemorating Chinese-American tradition declining demonstrating Interview-with-the-Vampire deficiencies fundamental historian education centuries-old monarchies des-Troy-ing battlefield discrimination don’t deserve evacuating Spy-Game unscathed Ocean’s-11 robbery police authority chasing Thelma-&-Louise bank-robber demonstrating ‘What’s-in-Box?’ reactions seldom believing “world’s-fine-place-and-worth-fighting-for” following discoveries Se7en killer scares Kalifornia countries experiencing Killing-Them-Softly imprisoned institutions psychologically maladaptive individual time-travel future Twelve-Monkeys bearing resemblance World-War-Z extraterrestrials frightening The-Counselor drug-dealer Snatch commodities distributed stoner True-Romance relinquished father-figure preoccupied Ad-Astra galaxy expedites shuttle deteriorated fuel faster Thomas-the-Tank-Engine children shows broadcasted television more frequently Friends sitcoms disappointing Pitt-iful celebrities struggling recovering traumatized Mr.-and-Mrs.-Smith divorce whose occupation as nerve-wracking as Ladybug passengers Bullet-Train catastrophes.

3.5/5 stars

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