"Enola Holmes 2" (2022)- Movie Review

Director: Harry Bradbeer
Starring: Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill and Louise Partridge
                                                                                                    ‘Spectacular Sequel’

Few figures English literature captivated readers solve murders mysteries like Sherlock Holmes. Following his introduction publication 19th Century, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s detective inspired innumerable adaptations. In order create successful Sherlock Holmes adaptations, filmmakers must strike balance celebrating character’s old-fashioned traditions and modern-day revisions. It’s easier-said-than-done modernize icon resemble Bond-able spies. Despite BBC television programs appealing modern-day generation, adapting Holmes’ stories 21st Century proven be anything but “Elementary-My-Dear-Watson”. While Holmes ascertained fandom, his sexist “women-can-never-entirely-be-trusted-not-best-of-them” views attracted magnifying-glass criticism. Since 1887, Holmes accomplished reputation being career-oriented detective obsessed resolving The-Da-Vinci-Code crime possessing no time social interactions. Holmes always gained readers’ respects for Herculean intellect abilities detect Death-on-the-Nile suspects. Historians postulate Holmes isn’t fully blame sexism originating time before Wonder-Woman heroines dodged WWII flames. Written Jane Austen age, Holmes taught believed women’s only purpose Pride-&-Prejudice marriages. Holmes achieved stardom time Little-Women combat patriarchal systems. Holmes became famous figure time female housemaids prime suspects Knives-Out murders. Therefore, it’s out-of-ordinary discover inspiring heroines Sherlock Holmes adaptations.

In franchise dominated traditionally Sherlockian heroes, Harry Bradbeer’s blockbuster “Enola Holmes 2” breath fresh air. Old-fashioned, empowering and feminist, it demonstrates detective hasn’t lost capabilities captivate. With adaptation, Harry Bradbeer crafts feminist interpretation. Boasting Austen-ere sets, sharp storytelling and extraordinary performances, it’s phe-Enola-menal sequel. Although “Enola Holmes 2” riveting period piece, it isn’t flawless. It lacks compelling villains, building conventional conclusions. Nevertheless, it provides Elementary entertainment Sherlock fans.

Amidst 19th Century England, “Enola Holmes 2” continues adventure Sherlock’s sister break gender barrier experienced profession masculine figures. Millie Bobby Brown personifies Enola Holmes, adolescent girl defies societal tradition enter detective profession. Against worldviews brother Sherlock (Henry Cavill), Enola’s always refused believe women doomed abuse. However, Enola’s views tested uncovers atrocities experienced female factories. As Enola achieves stardom, she fights sexism.

Harry Bradbeer’s commonly given magnifying-glass attention adolescents fight oppression jealous renowned brothers’ detective professions. Following worldwide appreciations with “Enola Holmes”, Brabeer’s become sensational Sherlock filmmaker. “Enola Holmes” showcased Bradbeer’s aptitudes putting fresh feminist spins legendary literary icon through introducing strong heroine. With “Enola Holmes 2”, however, Bradbeer builds sequel. Using gorgeous cinematography, Bradbeer draws viewers into adolescent girl journey battling genders disparities 19th Century England. Emulating Patty Jenkins’ “Wonder Woman”, Bradbeer effectively utilizes female gaze camera angle showcase women’s fighting abilities. Recalling Diana Prince’s expeditions dodging bullet of sexism WWII London, Enola battles societal oppression. If BBC’s “Sherlock” television program used titillating camera angles exposing women’s bare-naked bodies committing A-Scandal-in-Belgravia, Bradbeer avoid objectification. Accompanied Giles Nuttgens, Bradbeer employs camera empower women battling sexism era. Bradbeer successfully recontextualizes detectives 21st Century generations, constructing theatrical viewing.

If feminism interpretations legendary literary characters don’t magnetize attention, however, plenty reasons watch “Enola Holmes”. The film’s extremely well-made, featuring most awe-inspiring production-value you’ll ever see Sherlock Holmes adaptation. Accompanied costume-designer Consolata Boyle, Bradbeer successfully employs dress costumes capturing Enola’s transformations from societal oppression to feminist heroine. For exemplification, costumes effectively employed showcasing Enola’s persona during ballroom sequence. During memorable scene, Enola takes dancing lesson from best friend Tewkesbury before ballroom. One appreciates costumes showcasing Enola counteracting oppressions Austen-ere styles reminiscent Joe Wright’s “Pride & Prejudice”. Furthermore, Daniel Pemberton’s score’s memorable. Recalling Ron Howard’s “The Da Vinci Code”, it captures appeals The-Da-Vinci-Code mysteries. Through set-design, Bradbeer honors detective.

Another extraordinary “Enola Holmes” aspect’s screenplay. Jack Thorne’s greatest screenwriting strength’s proficiencies constructing multidimensional heroine masculine male-dominated profession through fourth-wall breaking monologues. If there’s common defective traits world’s greatest detective, he’s seldom treated women courteously throughout existence. Case-in-exemplars: Guy Ritchie’s “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” found minimal room women defy status quos in genre dominated masculine heroes. Fortunately, however, “Enola Holmes 2” avoids franchise’s problematic misogyny. Evoking HBO’s series “Gentleman Jack”, Thorne captures emotion endured women battling societal oppression through fourth-wall breaking monologue. Like Anne Lister’s enthusiastic conversations reveal emotions endured LGBTQ women during time oppression, Enola converses directly with audience. Through ingenious technique, Thorne builds connection between Enola and viewers. Breaking fourth wall’s tricky techniques employ literary adaptations. Sequences characters converse directly audience appropriate real-life drama Wall-Street (ex. Martin Scorsese’s “The Wolf of Wall Street”) over period pieces. As “Enola Holmes” claimed, breaking fourth wall gimmicks. However, it succeeds. Through script, Thorne honors heroines.

One appreciates astonishing performances.


Millie Bobby Brown delivers one of her greatest career performances Enola Holmes. Brown accomplished appreciation playing fearless feminist teens investigating cases girls disappear out thin air (ex. “Enola Holmes”). With “Enola Holmes 2”, however, she personifies Enola’s forward-thinking transformation. Emulating Saoirse Ronan in Greta Gerwig’s “Little Women”, Brown constructs compelling heroine March-ing beats own drum combating sexism patriarchal systems. With riveting expression, she conveys angst, bravery and rebellion Sherlock’s sleuthing sister. It’s terrific performance honors detectives.

Supporting cast’s superb, crafting Watson-derful chemistry. Henry Cavill’s captivating, conveys larger-than-life personality of world-famous detective becomes envious towards sister stealing his thunder break gender barriers. Louise Partridge’s phenomenal, bring child-like wonder Enola’s lover jumps at offer solve murder. Conclusively, acknowledgements Helena Bonham Carter. As Eudoria, she’s unforgettable.

Despite fantastic performances, however, “Enola Holmes 2” can’t achieve intricacies Death-on-the-Nile murder mysteries resolved Sherlockian detectives with No-Time-to-Die investigating robberies Moriarty-fying enemies murdering patriarchs Knives-Out families. Bradbeer’s decision changing gender identity classic villains clever and innovative, but doesn’t work. Without giving spoilers away, shocking plot twists legendary villain’s woman. Whereas decision raised James Bond’s “No Time to Die”, it clashes source materials. Story twists modifying genders antagonists suited Agatha Christie (ex. Kenneth Branagh’s “Death on the Nile”) over detectives adaptations. Furthermore, movie undermined endings. It’s heavy-handed finales classism message. Conclusions housekeepers combating employers appropriate modern murder mysteries (ex. Rian Johnson’s “Knives Out”) over olden settings. Sherlock Holmes iterations excel based conclusions, and thus “Enola Holmes 2” falters.

Nevertheless, sleuth fans will certainly enjoy “Enola Holmes 2” and so will moviegoers seek heartpounding entertainment. Watson-derful sequel, it suggests stories world-famous detectives worthy adapting feminism perspectives. If movies have power change perception world’s greatest detective centuries following Reichenbach-Fall institutionalizations whose Study-in-Pink murder cases no longer stored Scotland Yard library, hopefully acknowledgements un-Sherlock door allowing women entering Holmes misogynist detective possessing institutionalizations tendencies.

Although world’s greatest detective commonly possessed defective traits betraying Watson-derful friends’ loyalties faking own death, incapable feeling human emotion and romance A-Scandal-in-Belgravia prostitute, timeless stories made up deficiencies.

For figure always considered anti-social “high-functioning sociopath” laser-focused solving murders with little time world delivering best man’s speeches wedding ceremonies, hopefully it will showcase emotional side detective setting aside sibling rivalries support rather than criticize sisters’ fight against gender disparities fund dream opening detective agencies.

As Hercule-an detectives forced setting aside prejudice against racial minorities determine which suspects guilty Murder-on-the-Orient-Express train journeys, it’s high time scholars judged Holmes’ stories based on quality rather than sexist ideologies.

At time modern generation appears have forgotten Sherlock Holmes, it’s ph-Enola-menal reminders his stories stored dusty bookshelves worth re-evaluation when he’s not center-of-attention allowing younger sister chance solve murder investigations battling societal oppression proving against all odds room women shine male-dominated institutionalizations.

Like “the-future-is-up-to-us” philosophies inspiring Enola take her own paths rather than one’s others choose without standing world-famous brothers’ legacies, it could incite modern teens follow dream enter Sherlockian professions controlled patriarchies.

4/5 stars

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