"Top Gun: Maverick" (2022)- Movie Review

Director: Joseph Kosinski
Writers: Christopher McQuarrie
Starring: Tom Cruise, Miles Teller and Val Kilmer
                                                                       ‘Soaring Sequel’

It’s commonly Mission-Impossible assure Cruise-ing movie-stars Top-Gun professions defend minorities against A-Few-Good-Men conviction. If Balboa-stful champion assess Tom Cruise’s misdeeds, Rocky roads recognitions tracking back Apollo-getic upbringing sow seeds Creed performing stunts greed. Benji-Jumping rooftop amid adolescence (Daily Mail, 2022) set stage Mission-Impossible perform stunts despite Rogue-Nation ankles damage. Recalling Raymond Babbit, Cruise evolved time dyslexic victim doomed Bite-the-Dustin Rain-Man debate. Defensively, Cruise’s worldviews shaped A-Few-Good-Men battle “You-Can’t-Handle-Truth” abuses. Cruise admire Jerry-Maguire entrepreneur neglecting black football players poverty’s fires. Cruise seldom witness black astronauts resolving Apollo-13 “Houston-we-Have-Problem” dilemma. During 1980’s, black pilot rarely took-ones-breath-away across Top-Gun runway. While veterans sacrifice lives Dunkirk WWII, Cruise’s aviation entertain franchise. Career resemble Stark billionaires without safety fear save Avenge-ful peers. Fairly, Cruise’s movies marketed fans Skywalker-ing Star-Wars space. However, Cruise prove as hotheaded as icons Born-on-the-Fourth-of-July. Throw Tropic-Thunder tantrum crews makes news. Like The-Aviator pilot destined die plane-crashes, Cruise’s belief Scientology causes fallen among masses. Reliving Edge-of-Tomorrow again, Cruise’s pain entertain vain. Why spy No-Time-to-Die refuse bidding goodbye?

Now, Cruise-ing movie-star returns suggesting retained “Need-for-Speed” allowing minorities performing Risky-Business stunts without War-of-the-World casualties Joseph Kosinski’s “Top Gun: Maverick”. Action-packed, nostalgic and sweeping, it demonstrates African-Americans deserve Danger-Zone without breaking bone. With sequel, Kosinski accomplishes Mission-Impossible revitalizing movie-star abandoning Top-Gun profession. Boasting Goose-bump-worthy production-design, flashback storytelling and phenomenal performances, it’s spectacular sequel. Although “Top Gun: Maverick’s” breathtaking, it’s problematic. It suffers “You-Complete-Me” romantic-comedy subplot. Nevertheless, it offers exhilarating entertainment Tom Cruise fans.

Nearly three decades following “Top Gun”, Maverick back-into-action expedition after companion son entrances aviation professions. Tom Cruise personifies Maverick, world-weary pilot reluctant return aviations following friends’ Goosebump-worthy death. However, retirement disrupted when Maverick’s transformed Top-Gun instructor. Following turn-of-events, Maverick’s instruction outrages friends’ son Rooster (Miles Teller). Confronting misdeed, Maverick questions deteriorate ‘Need-for-Speed’

Joseph Kosinski’s excelled constructing Star-Wars expeditions Cruise-ing movie-star Top-Gun profession experiencing Oblivion. Following “Oblivion’s” box-office phenomenons, Kosinski’s transformed game-changing filmmaker. “Oblivion” showcased Kosinski’s aptitudes revitalizing career Cruise-ing movie-star abandoned Oblivion intergalactic expeditions. With “Top Gun: Maverick”, however, Kosinski builds sequel. It’s Kosinski’s endeavor “Take-One’s-Breath-Away” update Cruise-ing classic modern-day, but achieves magnificently. Through Goosebump-sensations cinematography, Kosinski recreates Maverick pilot’s expeditions entering aviation profession. If predecessor relied extensively green-screen CGI recreate airplanes’ cockpits, Kosinski employs practical effects materializing “Need-for-Speed”. Emulating Christopher Nolan’s “Dunkirk”, Kosinski effectively showcases real-life plane respect military. Like realistic fighter planes flown war veteran Dunkirk during World War II, Maverick maneuvers real-life American military plane. Assisted cinematographer Claudio Miranda, Kosinski visualizes airplanes drivers-seat. Kosinski remodernizes Danger-Zones, manufacturing big-screen viewing.

If modern-day interpretation Cruise-ing classic don’t “Take Your Break Away”, however, innumerable reasons watch “Top Gun: Maverick”. Whereas Cruise’s previous films showcased actor one-man show Edge-of-Tomorrow (ex. Doug Liman’s “Edge of Tomorrow”), Kosinski avoids past shadows. Assisted Kevin LaRosa, Kosinski builds action honoring pilot cross-cutting. For instance, cross-cutting utilized building suspense aerial-training-gone-wrong sequence. During jaw-dropping scene, African-American Coyote’s airplane takes nosedive eliciting panic-stricken reactions Maverick. One acknowledge cross-cutting demonstrating Top-Gun team’s anxiety-stricken reactions concerning Coyote’s destinies Hunt-ed technique emulating Christopher McQuarrie’s “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation”. Recalling Ethan Hunt dangling airplanes team scrambles saving him, Coyote’s nosedives leaves Top-Gun student panic-modes. Cross-cutting’s technique appropriate towards sports dramas revolving Balboa-stful boxer (ex. Ryan Coogler’s “Creed”), but works. Moreover, Hans Zimmer’s music’s dazzling. Emulating Ron Howard’s “Apollo 13”, music recreates t-Hank-less team “Houston-We-Have-Problem” man-to-the-galaxies expeditions. Through Goosebump-inducing production, Kosinski commemorates African-American pilots.

Another exceptional “Top Gun: Maverick” aspect’s screenplay. Christopher McQuarrie’s greatest screenwritings strengths aptitudes celebrating military commanders through flashbacks. If bruise Tom Cruise’s career, actor’s commonly portrayed American navy adversaries against racial minorities. Racial military veterans portrayed victims unwilling control destinies filming made-up Tropic-Thunder movies. Exemplar: Ben Stiller’s “Tropic Thunder” committed blunder cracking Grossman jokes targeted African-American Tropic-Thunder rainforests weathers. Fortunately, however, “Top Gun: Maverick” avoids disrespecting veterans. Emulating Oliver Stone’s “Born on the Fourth of July”, Kosinski successfully employs flashbacks convey PTSD experiences mourning friend’s death. Memorializing Ron Kovic’s outcries recovering heartbreaking deaths companions Born-on-the-Fourth-of-July, Maverick’s haunted memories Goose’s demises. Kosinski meticulously switches back-and-forth simultaneous timeline: Maverick’s instructing Goose’s son and traumatized past. Flashbacks complicated techniques employ successfully sequels. Flashback storytelling seems appropriate biopics spanning several generations (ex. Martin Scorsese’s “The Aviator”), but succeeds. For movie-star considering mentally disabled destined doomed-fates Rain-Man road-trips states (ex. Barry Levinson’s “Rain Man”), it’s departures. Through phenomenal screenplay, Kosinski honors classic.

One admires astonishing performances.

Tom Cruise delivers career-defining performance as Maverick. Cruise achieved acknowledgement depicting cocksure aviator with high testosterone breaking bone minorities entering Danger-Zone (ex. Tony Scott’s “Top Gun”). With “Top Gun: Maverick”, however, Cruise portrays aviator without discrimination. Celebrating Robert Downey Jr. MCU, Cruise personifies Stark hero unafraid piloting airplanes air prioritizing Avenge-ful teams safety over career. With captivating expressions, he conveys pilot’s angst, grieving and regret. Cruise proves hasn’t lost ability entertain endure physical pain.

Supporting cast’s sensational, build bond. Miles Teller’s terrific, imbue Luke-warm humanity orphan whose determinations discover parentage sets stage Star-Wars rivalry father’s best friend. Jon Hamm’s superb, brings authority commander short fuse shout “You-Can’t-Handle-Truth” A-Few-Good-Men refuse abide rule. Last, Val Kilmer extraordinary. As rival-turned-friend, he’s emotional.

Finally, “Top Gun: Maverick” merits Goosebump-worthy appreciations taking fans breath away allowing minorities fly Top-Gun planes runways. Emulating Tony Scott’s “Top Gun”, Kosinski exceeds fans’ expectation celebrating original classic’s contributions. Recalling Maverick’s testosterone-filled airplane experiences across Danger-Zone, Kosinski demonstrates career-successes, friendship and masculinity. Consequently, “Top Gun: Maverick” commemorates everyone’s ‘Need-for-Speed’.

Despite broad appeal, however, “Top Gun: Maverick” can’t ascend soaring heights achieved Valkyrie pilots Born-on-the-Fourth-of-July No-Time-to-Die prevent World-of-the-World catastrophes without having compensations minimized Jerry-Maguire agents commit Collateral felonies. Kosinski’s decisions integrate romantic subplot’s innovative and modern, but doesn’t succeed. Owing faulty techniques, sequences highlighting Maverick’s romance aren’t as engrossing as aviation missions. “You-Complete-Me” love subplot suited rom-coms (ex. Cameron Crowe’s “Jerry Maguire”) over blockbusters. Whereas Goldeneye mistreat women (ex. Cary Fukanaga’s “No Time to Die”), Cruise’s sexist outcry. Therefore, sequel falters.

Nevertheless, Tom Cruise fan will appreciate “Top Gun: Maverick” as will moviegoers seeking heartwarmed entertainment. A Goose-bump-worthy sequel, it demonstrates Cruise-ing movie-star past heyday hasn’t lost ability “taking audiences breath away”. If departed pilots lost abilities feel Goosebump “Need-for-Speed” following plane-crash tragedies haunt memories sons instructed Maverick instructor toward Rooster Coop victories Top-Gun institution requested assess Tom Cruise career legacy, they would suggest taking Cruise vacation industry set aside Iceman rivalries assure minorities “You-Can-Be-my-Wingman-Anytime” despite A-Few-Good-Men juries demonstrate The-Outsiders African-American drivers chauffeur apprehended committing Collateral robberies robbing “Show-Me-the-Money” compensation Jerry-Maguire sports-agent aren’t considerable candidate possessing All-the-Right-Moves auditioning characters Tropic-Thunder blockbuster denounced Vietnam War wheelchair-paralyzed world-famous veterans Born-on-the-Fourth-of-July for minimizing War-of-the-Worlds tragedies rarely prevent Valkyrie military commanders reliving time-loop day Edge-of-Tomorrow apprehended The-Firm following inviting prostitute home supervising Cocktail parties Risky-Business infrequently secrets from Rain-Man brothers suffering from mental disabilities diagnosed psychiatrists sleep Eyes-Wide-Shut whose forewarnings concerning Fallout ankles injuries brushed aside Jack-Reacher action-hero Hunt-ed Mission: Impossible expeditions apprehended drug-trafficking American-Made substance Far-and-Away hometown countries condemning Interview-with-the-Vampire following witnessing celebrities experiencing Endless-Love destroying couches Oprah televisions-shows personalities demonstrating social-media frenzy Magnolia cities where frog hailstorm Vanilla-Sky forewarn Minority-Report catastrophes awaiting Rock-of-Ages movie-star consuming The-Color-of-Money Scientology companies over endowments following vacation Middle-East The-Mummy traumatize PTSD-victimize pilot experiencing Oblivion assuming blame friends’ death Top-Gun academies.

4.5/5 stars

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